Leafboard Plus Electric Skateboard



  • Bigger wheels will be more stable, allowing  the boards to adapt to worse roads, standard wheels will be more flexible and more torque. 
  • The color of the backpack will be randomly matched. If there is a special requirement, the color of the backpack is khaki or black. Please note in the order.
  • All boards are equipped with “Logo” grip by default and an additional grip is given at random. If you want to choose the design of grip, please notify us by email after placing the order


  • Standard  Shipping:

We will ship your board by sea: US customers 20_25 days / Canadian and European customers 30_35 days.The tracking information will be updated only when your board arrives in your destination country.

  • Fast Shipping:

we will ship your board by air: US customers 8_14 days / Canadian and European customers 15_22 days. 


Leafboard Plus is the most flexible and comfortable city electric skateboard.

It can easily take you to any place in the city. Also, with the built-in battery design, the aesthetics of the skateboard is guaranteed under the premise of increasing the passability.

After a number of professional skater tests, Leafboard plus is as interesting as a regular cruiser board. You can even do the PUMPING, CARVING or other skills on it.

The external single motor power can reach 1800W, which ensures sufficient power to the board so that you can climb most of the inclines in the city. The intelligent control system provides 3 different ride modes. That makes it safe and comfortable for different people no matter you are a beginner or a professional skateboard rider.

5 different styles of decks and 5 different styles of grip tapes provide you up to 25 different combinations to make your own unique board.

There is also a very important point. Leafboard Plus has the best wireless remote control (ultra-stable signal, the most comprehensive information display and large-capacity battery life)!

By the way, you can put your Leafboard Plus in our customized backpack when you are not ride the board so that you can take it to anywhere.


Size: 635mm/25inch * 241mm/9.5inch * 129mm/5inch (L*W*H)

Thickness: 17.8mm /0.7inch

Weight: 4.8kg/10.5lbs

Deck Materials: Canadian maple + Fiber glass + Carbon fiber

Wheels: 72*43mm, polyurethane,SHR78AAA / 80*58mm, polyurethane,SHR80AAA

Bearing:Professional long board self-locking bearing

Truck: 6 inch truck with 90A double-column bushings (We recommend you can replace the 85A double-column bushings when you are familiar with the ride with Leafboard. It will make the turning more flexible and more fun!)

Range: 12.4miles

Top Speed: 20mph/ 32km/h (tested with one 73kg rider with standard wheels)

Battery : 5000mah Lithium-polymer battery (1000+ times charge cycles)

Hill Climbing: 20%

Max Weight Limit: 110kg

Motor: 1800W

Charger: 3A quick charge, fully charged in 2 HOURS


Braking: Regenerative Brakes

Remote: 2.4 GHz wireless connection remote(with battery percentage, speed, direction, mode and fault display)

Modular Design

Leafboard Plus comes with 4 detachable modules: deck body, battery module, control module and the motor, you can replace the modules easily in just simple steps.  


With a 5000mAh built-in battery & high-power motor, Leafboard Plus reaches the range of 12 miles, speeds up to 32km/h, and it easily climbs inclines along your daily route. 


Climbs Inclines up to 20%

Dual Direction Moving

The Most Reliable and Intuitive Remote

The 2.4GHz wireless connection greatly improves the stability of the remote control, and effectively reduces the risk of unwanted disconnections from the board. With 0.9 inch OLED screen, you’ll always find the information of speed, battery level, direction and more.

Also, there are three modes(Beginner, Sport, PRO) for choosing. 


Safe and Stable

IP56 Water Resistant

With an IP56 waterproof rating, you can ride Leafboard Plus through damp streets or rainy weather without worry.

 Regenerative Braking

Leafboard Plus is equipped with a smart braking system that provides safe, smooth stops.

Night LED Light

Leafboard Plus is equipped with a LED taillight. It's useful for traffic safety at night.


Lightweight, ultrathin, Leafboard plus is super convenient to take you to anywhere.

Leafboard Plus comes with a stylish customized backpack so it’s easy to carry your board anywhere, anytime.

Also, Leafboard Plus has a USB outlet to charge your phone or mobile device anytime you need.  

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