Size: 635mm/25inch * 241mm/9.5inch * 129mm/5inch (L*W*H)

Thickness: 17.8mm /0.7inch

Weight: 4.8kg/10.5lbs

Deck Materials: Canadian maple + Fiber glass + Carbon fiber

Wheels: 72*43mm, polyurethane,SHR78-AAA

Bearing:Professional long board self-locking bearing

Truck: 6 inch truck with 90A double-column bushings (We recommend you can replace the 85A double-column bushings when you are familiar with the ride with Leafboard. It will make the turning more flexible and more fun!)

Range: 12.4miles

Top Speed: 19mph/ 30.4km (tested with one 73kg rider)

Battery : 5000mah Lithium-polymer battery (1000+ times charge cycles)

Hill Climbing: 20%

Maximun Weight Limit: 110kg

Motor: 1800W

Charger : 3A quick charge, fully charged in 2 HOURS

Braking: FOC Braking

Remote: 2.4 GHz wireless connection remote(with battery percentage, speed, direction, mode and fault display)