Coming home safely from your awesome rides!

Tips to ride more safely


  • Riding your skateboard in the safe place.

When using the skateboard, please comply with the laws and regulations of local traffic, or the area there they allow to ride skateboards.

Skateboarding has potential risks and possibility of injury like other sports. When you first ride the skateboard, please ride it in a safe and open area. Do not ride the skateboard on the roads for cars or in other bad conditions  or it will increase the risk of injury.

Please do not ride the board in bad conditions  such as slippery and rough road, ice and snow area, potholes, grit, muddy, steep slopes, cracks, etc.


  • Always use the safety supplies.

Such as sports shoes, helmet, wrist pads, gloves, elbow pads and knee pads, they are good safety supplies. Especially if you’re a beginner to ride the skateboard.


  • Make sure your skateboard is in the good condition

Please read the Specification carefully before riding the skateboard and keep in mind of the security warning to ensure a safe riding.

Doing basic maintenance is necessary for the skateboard. Test the braking before each ride to ensure it works. 

It is forbidden to touch by any part of body when the motor wheel is running, in case of abrasions or other accidental injury.

Do not disassemble the equipment personally, otherwise the damage will not be covered by the warranty.


  • Lights are important.

Please ride it in a bright place at night.

When you are riding at night,make sure others can see you. You can use electric board lights and wear fluorescent cloths. A light on your helmet is also a good way to make sure you are being seen.


  • Ride on your own skill level.

The acceleration, shifting, brake and other basic operations and functions should be practiced until you get familiar with the board to avoid being injured from accident collision.

Please estimate the risk when you shift and always ride it carefully and learn how to turn and stop.

Leafboard electric skateboard is designed with different speed levels and the sensitivity of each level varies. To get familiar with the acceleration and brake before riding is crucial. 


  • Young children have poor balance!

Minors should ride the skateboard carefully under the parent's company and guide. Please make sure they are not riding on the roads or other dangerous places.

Minors should wear protects when use the skateboard under the parent's company.