Good news! Giveaway!

How to win a free Leafboard Plus? Now our new campaign will tell you!


Everyone has the chance to get a free Leafboard Plus after giving pledge.

What does it means? The specific rules of the campaign are as follows, follow below steps to win your own free Leafboard Plus now!

  1. Order a Leafboard Plus on our official website (
  2. Post a photo of Leafboard Plus with the hashtag #Leafboard Plus on your Facebook and Instagram and Twitter
  3. Make a review video of Leafboard Plus, and post it on Youtube with the hashtag #Leafboard Plus


According to the quality and the amount of dissemination of your video and photo, our team will evaluate which prizes you can win.

There are 4 prizes you can win:

  • A free Leafboard Plus! We will refund your pledge buying this Leafboard Plus
  • USD200 Gift Card
  • USD100 Gift Card
  • A free Leafboard Freedom!


Special Explanation:

  • Please make your video and photos earnestly, because the quality and how much people see it will depend your prize. (The quality accounts for 50% ; How much people see it accounts for 50%)
  • The Gift Card can be used on our website or you can instead it with cash rewards
  • Any participant follow the three steps above, can get a free Leafboard Freedom at least!
  • This campaign will last until our further notify. We will announce and inform the winners 15 days after you post the video and photos
  • This campaign is open and transparent under the supervision of all participants
  • The final interpretation of this campaign belongs to the Leafboard Team